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Who are we?

Stick To Roots (STR) is a part of registered company, Bellegirl Lifestyle Private Limited. The Company is registered in India as well as at Netherlands. STICK TO ROOTS (STR)) is an organization started during the 2020 pandemic with an idea to reach European people Online and bring in the ray of hope during the hardest of times in the form of possibilities of fulfilling their dreams with Revolutionary Courses at very economical rates.
What do we offer?

Our Academic Classes cover IB Board Middle Year Programme. For Professional Growth we provide, 2d/3d Animation Specialization, Graphic Designing, Android Program Learning, Language Learning, Vocal Music Training, Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam & Kathak) Physical Courses consists of Yoga and Various Dance Forms. For Inner Peace, Brainstorming we offer Psychological courses like Rubik’s Cube Solving, Chess Training, Meditation, Sanskrit Shloka. Our aim is to provide these courses from the experts at very economical rates.
We, at STICK TO ROOTS (STR)) believe that Learning doesn’t limit to a specific age. We are open to all age groups and have very exciting & knowledgeable courses for everyone.
Our Mission

This Era is very keen and adaptive towards new methods of learning but what matters is that the particular method lets the knowledge sustain. We at STICK TO ROOTS (STR)) target to offer simple and fun remembering techniques which are beneficial and easy to understand while adapting a new way of learning. We also aim to provide teachings in a way that will not only build the roots of learning strong but also provide candidates with the best guidelines to achieve their goals. Our Vision is to reach maximum European countries and within a year we have trained students from Netherlands, Germany, UK, Finland Switzerland and more.
Our Team

We have a team of the finest and Certified Trainers who are dedicated to providing the best, innovating, and evolving techniques in teaching. How every candidate can be stimulated and become confident with the best knowledge is our main agenda. As Bill Gates stated, Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids to work together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.
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