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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is STICK TO ROOTS (STR)?

    STICK TO ROOTS (STR) is a part of registered company, Bellegirl Lifestyle Private Limited. The Company is registered in India as well as at Netherlands. STICK TO ROOTS is an organization providing Online Brainstorming, Academic, Professional, Physical and Art Courses to European Students from Best, Experienced and Certified tutors around the world. Our aim is to provide these courses from experts’ at the most economical rates.

  2. How do I enroll for STICK TO ROOTS Courses?

    You can fill the Registration Form through the ‘Enroll Now’ Tab given below every course page or connect to us directly through an email at /drop a Whatsapp Text Training Co-ordinator Team Coordinator - +31 644905433 and our team shall get in touch with you within 48hrs of time.

  3. Why should I enroll in STICK TO ROOTS Courses?

    STICK TO ROOTS is one of the most unique learning platforms that cover all the essential areas of development from Brainstorming, Digital & Art Courses to Professional & Physical Courses. These Courses are conducted by excellent and experienced trainers around the world at very economical rates.

  4. Can I attend sessions from an Android or IOS mobile phone or tablet?

    Yes, Students can attend the session according to the availability of their device. However, we suggest our participants to attend session with bigger screen device (Computer/Laptop) for better learning experience.

  5. Is a headset mandatory during attending the session?

    Yes, for a better learning experience it is advisable to use a headset. However, students can use earphones with fine speakers and mike as well.

  6. What if I face internet connectivity issues and my Session is disturbed or doesn't take place?

    If there is any technical issue from Student’/Tutor’s end that session can be rescheduled according to the convenience of the tutor and the student. In case of Batch Type, if such issue arises from student’s end, the student will not be given an extra class but shall be filled with all the missed out content in the next session.

  7. Are the teachers qualified?

    STICK TO ROOTS has an excellent team of tutors who are certified and are an expert in their field. Our tutors are only appointed after they accomplish to our Tutor Guidelines and pass our Tutors Formative assessments.

  8. Can tutors be directly contacted?

    STICK TO ROOTS Tutors cannot be contacted without our team’s consent. However, in case of doubts, emergency, or lesson discussions students/Parents are allowed to drop message in the WhatsApp group formed post-enrollment.

  9. What if the tutor leaves?

    If due to any reason the tutor discontinues with STICK TO ROOTS we will replace the tutor within couple of weeks. The fees for the outstanding sessions shall be adjusted in the further classes.

  10. What happens once we enroll for the course?

    After the enrollment you will be added to a Whatsapp Group which will include our Founder, Tutor, Training Coordinator and Participants (Batch Type) Whatsapp Group is our Single Channel we prefer to communicate. You will receive all the important notice, study materials, update on schedules in the group.

  11. How many Demos are conducted before enrolling for the Course?

    For every listed course, there shall be one Free Online Demo provided to the participants. The Participants are requested to give their feedback and confirmation of their admission through an Email/Whatsapp Message.

  12. Do I get a certificate?

    Yes, every participant after finishing the course level would be given the Course Certificate respective to their participation.

  13. How do I get the certificate?

    Once the course is completed the Students will receive a Certificate via an email/message from us.

  14. What if I finished all my lessons before my Course is Completed?

    If any Candidate is satisfied and finishes the lesson before the sessions are exhausted (Teachers will need to be satisfied with the performance as well) , they can opt for another level/course and the fees for the unattended sessions can be adjusted in another course.

  15. What are the Course Types?

    Courses are divided into three types,
    Individual Batch – Highly recommended batch as it can be started immediately and Participant will receive complete attention from Tutor.

    Base Batch (Consisting 2-3 people) - This Batch type is for participants looking for interactive session in group.

    Bunch Batch (Consisting 4-6 people)- This Batch type is the most economical type and also consist quite interactive sessions.

    (Base Batch and Bunch Batch may take some time to be formed as all the participants require to reach the group criteria, However one can provide us with references of their family/friends to complete the required group members.)

  16. What is the Student limit of every Batch?

    Maximum number of 5-6 students can take a lesson in a batch. (The Batch size is different for every Course)

  17. Are applications like Google Meet, Zoom can be effective for sessions?

    Most of our Sessions are conducted on Google Meet/Zoom for better learning experience and it is also convenient for the students and tutors to share screen with better video and audio quality.

  18. Can the sessions be recorded?

    The sessions cannot be recorded without the consent of tutor and STICK TO ROOTS Team. However, if you record the session after consulting us, the recorded session cannot be used for Promotional/Business purpose by the Participants.

  19. What is the Duration of each session?

    1 hour is the Duration of every session (Can be customized as per Parents/Students and Teacher’s preference)

  20. Can the session duration/time be adjusted?

    Only for Individual Batch Type the Duration and time can be adjusted as per the availability of Tutor and the Student.

  21. Can I switch the days of my ongoing course?

    In Individual class, one can change the days of the session; however, in Batch the Days cannot be changed post- enrollments. (In case of emergency/Personal Issue one can Email/message to the team on details mentioned in Contact Section.)

  22. Can the sessions be rescheduled?

    The sessions missed by the student cannot be rescheduled (For Batch Type). Although, our tutors would provide with a short revision of the missed session during the next session.

  23. What happens when the Batch Type Changes?

    Since the charged fees for every batch is dependent to their batch type and if one of the student discontinues from bunch/base batch the remaining students shall be accountable to pay the fees according to their batch size that is upto the number of students or the whole batch goes on hold until a new student takes admission to complete the batch. However parents will be notified about the changes in the fees. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances oneis highly recommended to enroll for Individual Batch.

  24. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

    Mainly we prefer Bank transfer at A/c No (IBAN) - BE90 9671 8679 9532 Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle or Payment Link is sent via Email/Message for the course package enrolled. Once the payment is made the participants are requested to share the confirmation of the payment made.

    Payment Details of Countries and its Currencies-
    For Students from the following European Countries-
    Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.
    Currency - Euro € (EUR)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    A/c No (IBAN) - BE90 9671 8679 9532

    For Students from United Kingdom-
    Currency - British Pound Sterling £ (GBP)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    Sort code - 23-14-70
    Account number -72689290
    IBAN - GB59 TRWI 2314 7072 6892 90

    For Students from the following Countries and Territories-
    United States, Ecuador, El Salvador, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Timor-Leste, Zimbabwe
    Currency- United States Dollar $ (USD)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    Routing number - 084009519
    Account number - 9600 0005 5066 9039
    Account type - Checking

    For Students from Canada-
    Currency- Canadian Dollar $ (CAD)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    Institution number - 621
    Account number - 200110089722
    Transit number - 16001

    For Students from Singapore-
    Currency - Singapore Dollar $ (SGD)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    Bank code -7171
    Account number - 885-074-140-687

    For Students from Turkey-
    Currency- Turkish Lira ₺ (TRY)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    IBAN - TR78 0010 3000 0000 0037 0230 47

    For Students from Australia
    Currency - Australian Dollar $ (AUD)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    BSB code - 802-985
    Account number - 812014286

    For Students from New Zeland
    Currency - New Zealand Dollar $ (NZD)
    Account holder - Bellegirl Lifestyle
    Account number - 04-2021-0094527-46

    For Students from India
    Currency : Indian rupees ₹ (IND)
    Account holder : Just Yuhi
    Account number : 094363300000842
    IFSC code : YESB0000943

    For Students from Hungary
    Currency : Hungary forint Ft (HUN)
    Account holder : Bellegirl Lifestyle
    Account number : 12600016-18991714-52000225

    For Students from Romania
    Currency : Romania RON lei (ROU)
    Account holder : Bellegirl Lifestyle
    Account number : RO31 BREL 0005 6005 0490 0100
    Bank code : BRELROBUXXX

  25. Is advance Payment necessary?

    Advance Payment is mandatory for all the Course .However; we mainly consider advance payment for a month duration. Part-Payment option for every courses having more than 6 sessions is also provided while or before enrollment of the course.

  26. Do I get refund for the sessions not attended?

    If the Student/Parents are unsatisfied or want to discontinue with the course they will need to E-mail/message regarding the concern, Our Team will review your concern and provide you best possible solution. However, minimum course duration fees will not be refunded. (The refund request approvals may vary from case to case)

  27. How do I contact STR?

    You can write to us at
    drop a Whatsapp Text Training Co-ordinator Bhavin Parekh : +31 644905433