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STR Foundation

STR Foundation is a Netherland based Organization providing Online Courses for kids to the elderly. Our name, STR Foundation validates our Endeavors that is Stick To Roots which means building our base so strong that our growth becomes obvious and obligatory. Considering the same, we provide courses that cover all the bases which will benefit one Academically, Professionally, Physically, and Psychologically.

Below Articles consist all the norms one shall follow-

Article 1: Service-

All our Courses have duration of 60 minutes each consisting different number of session for every course. The courses shall be of two types. The participants are given free demo before enrolling for the course. The courses will be of two types and participants can enroll according to the preference of Parents/Students.

Article 2: Lesson Format –

Str Foundation offers three types in batch.

  • Individual Sessions
  • Batch of 2-3
  • Batch of 4=8

Article 3: Fees/ pricing

The Fees will be payable by you respect to the Course Package you choose. Unless we expressly agree otherwise, all the fees will be calculated and paid in Euros. The Fees for each course are as set out up-to-date. Once you have booked a package, payment link will be sent. You must pay the within the time period mentioned in the link. We may increase our fees at anytime by notice to you provided that this will not affect the fees of the course for any package already booked by you before the date on which any notice of increase is given to you (fees for each course once it is booked remain fixed for the duration of the package given). All fees are non-refundable except to the extent that we expressly and specifically agree otherwise.

Article 4 : Schedule and Time-zone

We offer sessions between 10: 00 AM to 06: 30 PM CET. The regular timings will be given to you once you select your batch type.

Article 5: Free Demo

A Free Demo session for every course shall be provided to you before an enrollment. However, if you miss our demo session, we can arrange a call with our trainer who would fill you with required details of the course.

Article 6: Instruction for taking the lessons

Students are required to be present 10 minutes before starting the session and ensure their device has a good connectivity, Earphones/Headphones with good speaker and mike. The students can join the session through recurring Zoom/ Google Meet link given in the Whatsapp Group.

Article 7: Holidays

The Holidays at STR Foundation are based on the National Holiday of Teacher’s Country. However, with a mutual agreement sessions can be taken if trainer is available.

Artilcle 8: Payment

All the Payments shall be made before starting the course. Monthy/Partly payments are available for course exceeding 6 sessions.

Article 9: Secure Payments

We use Bank Transfer or Tikkie links which are among the market leaders of payment services. It is a guarantee of experience and high reliability of their payment solutions.

Article 10: Technical requirements

The Students need to have Google Meet or Zoom Application installed on their device. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange a computer/laptop or any other device through which they can attend sessions.

Article 11: Right to refund/ No refund

TRefunds will not be allowed of the attended sessions.

Article 7: Holidays

The Holidays at STR Foundation are based on the National Holiday of Teacher’s Country. However, with a mutual agreement sessions can be taken if trainer is available.

Article 12: General Issues.

Issues Arising From the Student’s End: Teachers need to be informed by the student if he/she has Issues concerning internet connectivity or any other logistical problems . We will not be held accountable and no extra session/compensation will be given in these circumstances.

Issues Arising From the Teacher’s End: If for some reason logistical issues arising from the teacher’s end result in the session not being conducted, kindly inform us at

Internet Connectivity Issues From the Teacher’s End: If the teacher faces internet connectivity issues, and the session cannot be conducted by the teacher, you will be informed by the teacher about it. For any queries you can always get in touch with our coordinator.

Article 13: Offers

Our course offerings and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the website. Moreover, any request of the past offers will not be catered to since they are valid only for a specific period of time.

Article 14: Confidential information and protection of privacy

We respect your privacy and all the information that we receive from you, will be confidential and used only for clearly defined purposes. This information allows us to improve our relationship with you, for example to select suitable topics for your sessions or send material based on your requirements.

Article 15: Recording Permission:

Some students record sessions with use of software, webcams and/or other equipment. This is allowed ONLY if the teacher gives consent or permission to record a session.

At any point of time, the above Terms and Conditions will be changed or modified by STR Foundation with or without notification to the subscriber